IT & Cyber Security Consultancy

IT & Cyber Security Consultancy
As they say “Prevention is better than Cure” hence Cyber Accounting and Security is the key to safeguard your company, business and employee interest.

Our aim is to secure our client’s information, technology and networks from the many threats that they face.

We provide leadership, technical understanding, intelligence and solutions to allow our clients to benefit from the huge opportunities that the digital economy brings.

We believe a strong preventive and better cyber wall are essential in every organisation.

We understand cloud technologies, cloud security, and how to design, implement and review their deployment for a business. cyber security consultancy is comprised of highly qualified and motivated cyber security experts who think 365 degrees for you and your business.

We do a SWOT analysis of your infrastructure, business and competition, suggest the best suitable IT Business model.

Our Cyber Security Services

IT Audit and Review IT Consulting are a highly experienced Indian company offering IT Audit and Review, delivering services to both the public and private sectors.

We offer clients both technical and process and procedural audits against international standard and proprietary standards. We perform internal reviews, and we can review your third party service providers who are frequently the weak link in an organisation’s control framework.

In addition to the audit and review we provide clients with pragmatic suggestions as to areas of non-compliance can be addressed or suggested areas for improvement. We are also able to produce meaningful audit metrics for clients that can be integrated into their wider risk management. IT Consulting have a modular audit capability across each of our service lines. This allows the most appropriate service to be sourced separately from other services with qualified consultants.

We provide a fully comprehensive security audit service, addressing all or a selection of the following elements:

  • Security Standards & Policy
  • Security Controls
  • Information Security Management System
  • Physical Security

Security Architecture

Our IT Advisory experts hold industry recognised academics and have experience of developing security architectures to enable business. Our methodologies cover the early phase of a project lifecycle from requirements gathering to design and through to build and run. We can utilise either general security architects or technical specialists who have experience of designing and building detailed solutions, for example identity and access management solutions and cryptographic solutions.

Our consultants use industry standards and reference architectures wherever possible. They are familiar with cloud technologies, agile methodologies, and can review an estate and provide advice on secure solutions in line with industry best practice.

Our security architects can be engaged either individually or as a team to lead large scale systems integration projects, transitional and transformation programmes, or augment existing teams.

We can offer expert professionals who can:

  • Provide an independent validation and review of proposed security architectures.
  • Understand and map to industry standard methodologies.
  • Design and implement Identity and Access Management solutions.
  • Deliver Network and Infrastructure designs
  • Deliver Application designs.
  • Manage project transitions and systems integrations using traditional or agile approaches.
  • Design and deliver Big data and analytics solutions.
  • Chair or participate in an organisation Technical Design Authority (TDA)
  • Deliver SOC and SIEM Solutions.
  • Deliver Gateway and boundary architectures. (PSN etc.)

Network Security

Many of the benefits of Network Security tie closely with all other benefits of information security in protecting the assets of a company and of those of their customers.

Network Security professionals have a good oversight of an organisation and understand how network components interact and depend on each other. In the event of problems occurring the Network Security professional is often well placed to investigate and propose fixes to resolve the situation.

Some of the challenge’s companies face with Network Security is finding the appropriately skilled resources to run and manage their network. A further challenge is ensuring that key members of that team, e.g. administrators are adequately trained and that their skill levels are and remain up-to-date.

Our flexible engagement model means the offering is cost effective for many companies who cannot afford to mobilise an entire network operations team. The organisation also benefits from utilising resources who are highly trained and whose skills and qualifications are up-to-date.

Our consultants have network level design experience and implementation experience.

If you have experienced a security incident you need to investigate it. You may need assistance to establish what information has been compromised and in order to prevent future breaches, how the system has been compromised.

We can investigate and assist, utilising our experienced forensic consultants. They can examine your networks for data loss, as well as recovering lost, hidden or password protected data. Investigations can be carried out quickly and discretely.

Risk Management

Risk Management includes the evaluation and/or establishing current and proposed security controls for asset protection and how well they identify or protect against threats, vulnerabilities, and likelihood of loss.

The Bridewell risk management service can be utilised in several ways by organisations. can provide an Information Risk Management analysis and integrate it with the operational and business risk teams. We also work with companies to better understand their risk tolerance levels and define the strategy and frameworks for on-going risk management. Or we frequently provide expert consultancy to help organisation interpret and understand the numerous sources of threat intelligence, vulnerability scanning, penetration test results, and risk assessments they may have accumulated. risk management offering is comprehensive and has something for all organisations.

Risk Assesment’s experienced professionals can undertake both qualitative and quantitative risk assessments for organisations depending on requirements and what is the most beneficial to the organisation.

Our service can help identify the threats and vulnerabilities facing an organisation and assist them to make informed cost effective decisions regarding investment in information security and technology. This can be done at an organisation wide level, or the service can be delivered focusing on individual projects or initiatives.


We live in interesting times don’t we, the way business is conducted is continually changing. There are major developments in technology and a greater reliance on outsourcing and third parties. The expansion of traditional network boundaries has created interconnected supply chains resulting in an increase in the number of threats and vulnerabilities. These risks should not be ignored and need to be qualified and quantified before flexible and adaptive risk management processes and procedures can be put in place.

This process should be part of an organisation wide risk assessment that recognises information and technology risk as no less important than traditional financial risk. An all-encompassing view of the importance of this should be a key focus of executive management.

Organisations who recognise this and understand the intrinsic link between the various types of risk are best placed to manage risk, respond to incidents, demonstrate legal and regulatory compliance and inspire trust in their organisation that the assets of the organisation and that of their customers are safeguarded appropriately.

This can have a financial benefit for organisations as they will be better positioned to expand into new business opportunities thus giving the organisation a competitive advantage.

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