Bulk SMS-Voice Call

Bulk SMS-Voice Call

Bulk SMS Service Jaipur

Agranii.com Bulk SMS Jaipur enables companies to communicate with their target audience for marketing their products or services. Agranii.com Jaipur offers Transactional Bulk SMS in Jaipur for Schools, colleges, Associations and Promotional Bulk SMS in Jaipur for promoting new products or services through web based application which allows to send SMS from internet or send SMS from PC. Enterprises can use Agranii.com Jaipur bulk SMS service for Sending SMS to India, SMS marketing, SMS Advertising, customized Bulk SMS services. Agranii.com Bulk SMS Excel Plugin can be used for sending bulk SMS using Microsoft Excel. Our MS Excel Plugin facilitates a user to send customized bulk SMS to different users in one click.



SMS with Name Id



We get certain messages containing the Sender as some company name as the example. These are the messages which get delivered to the recipient with the sender's predefined company name or personal name, which is called Sender ID. This name can be of maximum 8 characters and contains the default prefix as "TA-" or "TM-" or "BA-", Etc. These prefix is the name of the gateway through which the message is passed. The sender id has to be approved from the SMS service Provider before using the same. E.g: TA-agranii



SMS with Numeric ID



These are the type of SMS which get delivered with a numeric id which is referred to as Server ID which cannot be called upon as shown in the example. E.g: 9227922921



Features of Bulk SMS Service



  • 160 Character Dedicated SMS Length per 1 SMS. SMS in hindi can also be sent through agranii.com panel using Unicode option.
  • User can send SMS to their own database by logging in to agranii.com website. But the user requires SMS credit balance which needs to be purchased according to the packages available. The validity for the same is mentioned along with the package.
  • If sms account holder wants agranii.com to send SMS on agranii.com Database, then this can also be done on our database.
  • These SMS are mostly preferred when the SMS has to sent to your client list to update them of some information, etc.
  • There are different packages depending upon the type of SMS, Speed the client prefers.
  • Auto Delivery of message- Using Scheduling
  • Customized Messaging to multiple users in a single push.
  • SMS Campaign can be done on the data in which the user can send sms on agranii.com Database which is preloaded and bifurcated.

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