e-Commerce Website

e-Commerce Website

Markets, demands and purchasing pattern of customers whether it be India,USA,Austria,Australia,Germany,New Zealand has changed and so has the pattern of doing business.

E commerce website is what businesses are getting into.

Agranii.com a web design company that has customers in Chicago, Miami, New York, Vienna, Frankfurt, Perth, Wellington, Mauritious, Bostwana, Niger, Sri Lanka, Kathmandu, Thimpu Bhutan,Srinagar design e commerce website with Bots, payment gateway and host of functionalities.

Get in touch with us for getting free consultation on what you should have in a e commerce website and how you should launch your brand in such a competitive world.

While going in for a e commerce website a SSL Certificate is mandatory to get payment gateway integrated as its a compliance for e commerce websites.

Building an e-commerce site involves 3 stages like:

Shopping cart: Agranii.com design and develop shopping carts as per the requirements and budget also select the technology such that it fulfills all the needs and could be upgraded too, so that customer can search and choose through the them. Shopping cart is where you can display the products and their details. Customers comes to your website and select items from your store the things that the customer requires, After he had selected, the total detail of the particular item appears along with it he will be given the option for payment through Credit Cards and the complete description of transactions.

Payment Gateway: When selection is done a payment gateway provider comes into scene. Credit cards can be processed and accepted through some bank or some authorized company. Through them we are provided a payment gateway software that is needed to be integrated with your website to enable a secured transaction. You need to have some interface to collect payment online through credit cards. Here Agranii.com design and develop connection to your website with available payment gateway so that the transactions are done in a safe and secure way.

Security: There should be a security mechanism not just for you but also for the customer to confide that there wont be any malicious thing done with credit card information and it is safe to provide detail of the credit card. Agranii.com provide you the security.

SSL Certificate for website is one new and major code of conduct that has been introduced by google and every business should abide by it as it not only adds security layer but also gives you edge over your competitors.


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